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Portrait of Jenn

I'm happy to present my latest 3D portrait of my Aunt Jenn. I started of my portraits by doing my family, we all moved to Canada from England when I was younger so I don't get a chance to see her often, I am really happy that she was able to come visit and now I can include her in my portrait series.
It was modelled and textured in Maya and Mudbox, no scans were used, it was rendered with V-Ray, touch ups and colour corrections done in Photoshop, and the hair is done with X-Gen with the new V-Ray hair shader. I used some of the multichannel maps from Texturingxyz to help with the textures. A lot of the workflow was using GPU rendering, I have 4 graphic cards from Nvidia (3Xp6000+p4000) to help render and I am using a Lenovo workstation.