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Introducing the next series of my 3D portraits, beginning with a re-envisioning of my 3D self-portrait. Five years ago I completed my first realistic 3D portrait, which helped define my career as a 3D artist. Over the years, I have come to understand that a portrait is much more than just a physical representation of someone. A portrait is not simply the outer likeness, but a representation of the inner-self. A portrait should reveal who someone is and what makes them human.

For my previous series of portraits I was inspired by art history. Looking forward, I want to create a new generation of portraiture that reflects new ideas and uses new technologies to challenge our concepts of portraiture in the contemporary age.

The final image was rendered using the RTX graphic cards from Nvidia with V-Ray's new GPU RTX render engine. No scans were used. Modelled and textured in Maya and Mudbox, touch ups done in Photoshop.